This proven success system is composed of three training modules that give you everything needed to guarantee the release of any indie film regardless of your experience level.

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Knowing how to connect with your audience will determine the impact your film has on the public when its released. This module shows you exactly how to build your audience before your film hits the screen.

Knowing how to connect with your audience will determine the impact your film has on the public when its released. This module shows you exactly how to build your audience before your film hits the screen.

Understanding how to get accepted into film festivals is critical to how far your final movie will go. This module includes the secret system to guarantee that your film enjoys huge successes at film festivals worldwide.

Overcoming the challenge of selling a film is often the most feared and misunderstood aspect faced by all filmmakers. This module gives you all the answers and provides a ‘copy and paste’ approach which can be used to sell any film.

This course is groundbreaking. All aspiring filmmakers need this!

Charles Parish


Within the first module I grew my audience by 8000%!

Jeanine Lex

Indie Filmmaker


Simon provides personal coaching to all filmmakers who need one-to-one support with their productions to ensure the best chance of success on any film release. If you want Simon to help bring your film to a worldwide audience just email your request to:

Simon Sharman


Independent filmmaker Simon Sharman understands how difficult it is to achieve success with any movie when you don’t have those important industry contacts and when your bank balance isn’t bursting with dollars. That’s why he spent years figuring out how to make it when you’re on your own, and by applying what he discovered was how he took his first low budget indie feature to global audiences via the film festivals before selling his movie for international distribution.

Previous to making films and creating Secret Film School, Simon worked as a journalist for the BBC and has produced TV shows for channels in the US, Australia and throughout Europe.


How long does the program take to complete? The whole course is packaged into less than five hours of video training.

Will the course give me everything I need to be successful with my film? Yes. This program gives you all the information you require to build an audience, win at film festivals and negotiate the best deal with a film distribution company.

Is the course complicated? No. Secret Film School is easy to understand and has been completed by directors of all experience types including first time filmmakers.

How does the program work? The course is made up of clearly presented step by step training videos which also includes specific ‘done for you’ / copy and paste sections to make your process as easy as possible.

Is Secret Film School unique? The program is 100% the original creation of filmmaker Simon Sharman and the training inside cannot be found anywhere else in the industry.


If you’re reading this page the chances are you’re an up and coming filmmaker who’s wondering how to make the final step to becoming a full time ceative professional who gets paid to do what you were put on this planet to do - make movies and sharing them with the world.

However, when you don’t have access to inside industry contacts or a big budget to promote your first indie, it can be a tough and lonely career path filled with disappointent. It’s understandable to be overwhelmed and feel that it might be too much of a challenge. We’ve all been there.

It shouldn’t be so hard and all filmmakers deserve to have the same opportunity to fulfill their career ambitions regardless of where they live or who they know. If you have the talent and the passion then you deserve the same chances to succeed. The great news is there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


You see, it’s not who you know that determines your chances of success anymore - its now what you know that counts most, as well as getting the right help from someone who has already worked out how to achieve it.

By singlehandely taking his first indie feature film to global audiences, getting accepted into multiple film festivals and selling his title to an international film distribution company - with no prior knowledge or experience of how to do it - Secret Film School creator Simon Sharman achieved what over 90% of other first time filmmakers fail to do with their first film.

That’s why Secret Film School has been created, so that any filmmaker can achieve massive success with their independent film even if they’ve never done it before.

Here’s how it works:

1) Enrol in one of the three membership options available.

2) Work through each video training module and follow the step by step guide which you can use with any film production.

3) Experience the fulfillment of becoming recognised in your field, becoming the successful filmmaker you know you can be and get paid to make the films you love to make.

By enrolling in Secret Film School you’re making sure that you don’t become part of the 90% who fail with their first indie production and instead you set yourself on the path for the film career that you deserve. And by joining this program you’ll save yourself from years of struggle, and countless thousands of dollars you’d have otherwise lost.

The Secret Film School program is incredible value for money and will be the best investment you make in yourself and your career because it will pay for itself a hundred times over. You’ll see just how valuable the course is even before you get to the end of the program and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to complete.

And at the end your reward is to become the full time filmmaker you’ve always dreamed you could be.